Aubrey Spurlock

on guitar and bass

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  My Experience:

I have been playing guitar since 1968. I began on bass and soon switched to acoustic and electric guitar. I studied music at Appalachian State University. I graduated Cum Laude in the Music Industry Studies program. I took four years of music theory and had the top grade in the department my junior year. I took two semesters of composition in addition to that. The theory and composition were not required for my degree, but were my favorite subjects. I performed with the ASU jazz ensemble and the classical guitar ensemble (we were the first classical guitar ensemble to perform gigs off-campus). I have played in a wide variety of situations since that time, both at live performances and in the studio. I played classical guitar on Joe Shannon's top selling album, Warmlight. Groups I have been a member of include:

  • Nevermind - classic rock and original music
  • Island - reggae
  • The Struds - punk rock and original music
  • Tom Donaldson and Aubrey Spurlock - acoustic swing, blues, classic rock, and jazz
  • King and Spurlock - folk music
  • Chernobyl Breeze - alt country and blues
  • Delta Nine - blues rock and jazz
  • Funky Junk - original jazz rock
  • Laricobius - classic rock and jazz
  • Blue Trillium - classical, folk, jazz, country, blues, rock, and jazz
  • Aubrey Spurlock - solo guitar playing a wide variety of styles.
  My Instruments:
  • electric guitar - Godin LGX  with a Fender Blues Deluxe amplifier. I use what is best described as a vintage tone.
  • flat top guitar - Blue Ridge BG 140. All solid wood with vintage bracing.
  • resophonic guitar - Regal Duolian with a wooden body. Loud and bright, but mellower than the brass bodied instrument.
  • resophonic bass - Regal Resobass with a Dan Electro pickup. The pickup gives it a nice vintage tone (fenderesque).



Performance fees are on a sliding scale and vary according to distance traveled, dress code, time, etc.

The basic rate is $100 per hour, but call with the specifics of the performance to get the exact fee.



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