1. metal ruler
  2. Xacto knife
  3. scissors
  4. soldering iron and solder
  5. work surface for cutting/soldering
  6. heat gun.
  7. cotton swabs
  8. lacquer thinner

Under the Bridge Pickup

copyright 2007 Aubrey Spurlock





Tools required:
  1. Silver ink electrode PVDF film.

  2. Adhesive backed mylar film

  3. Copper foil tape with conductive adhesive backing.

  4. Insulating film with adhesive backing.

  5. Shielded cable.

  6. Assorted sized of adhesive lined shrink tubing.

  7. Output jack (inline or endpin type)


Parts required:
These pages include complete instructions for building an under-the-bridge pickup for violin, mandolin, archtop guitar, or any other floating bridge instrument














Thinner PVDF films are more sensitive in bending mode applications. Thicker films are better for compression mode sensing, which is the main function of this pickup. Some instrument bridges have a space between the feet, that can allow the pickup to function in a dual mode - bending mode between the feet, and compression mode underneath them. Compression mode sensing captures low frequencies very effectively, but bending mode captures more of the sound in the instrument top. Experimentation with different types of pickups may be required to find the right balance. Some instruments sound best with multiple pickup systems. The instrument and its particular voice, your playing style, and the type of music you play will all have their part in what you need from your pickup system. All piezo pickups perform best with a good preamp.




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